Thursday, November 18, 2010

Irish Whiskey and Texas Politics

I AM NOT Sarah Palin!

I AM NOT Glenn Beck!

I AM merely a simple somewhat drunk opinionated Irishman Irishwoman that has something to say:

Global Gaming captured the hearts/minds/souls of the Texas horse racing faithful by simply allowing their hopes/dreams/visions of successful/prosperous/influential Texas horse racing when Global Gaming finally acquired/procured/snagged ownership of Lone Star Park. Fans and horsemen thought they hit the jackpot with Global Gaming, however it appears to be another case of the "malfunctioning slot machine" where the tiny warning label reads, "Malfunctions void all plays and pays."

Gary West of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (motto: Hail the Red Head!) reported that Global Gaming requested its action items be removed from the Texas Racing Commission's agenda. The funny part was that the Global Gaming action items were about the only things on the TxRC agenda, other than donuts, coffee, and a rendition of "Texas, Our Texas" performed by the Blanton Elementary School 3rd graders. Anyway, the Professor insinuated political shenanigans - basically, someone besides me was irked that Rick Perry got re-elected.

Additionally, the Professor noted that Global Gaming and the Chickasaw Nation had done an "done an exemplary job at Remington Park" and were "committed to the horse racing industry in Texas", so why submit the application for license transfer at a later date?

Well, here's my Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck/Drunken Irishwoman diatribe perception: Remington Park already had slots when they acquired the facility. Global Gaming's in the gaming industry and obviously quite good at it, so it was in their best interest to improve the track and casino, notably since their expertise is casino and slots. "Horse racing" need not be their primary concern when acquiring the racetrack, only a nice beneficiary. However, Lone Star Park, at this writing, does not have a casino or slots. So why would Global Gaming commit to the Texas racetrack? Clearly their "guy[s]" didn't get elected earlier this month, so maybe the Slot Optimism is flagging somewhat - a malfunction. And now they loathe to pay. Furthermore, as Texas racing continues to struggle and bicker - and even if it hits its death spiral - Global Gaming can be comforted in the knowledge that Texas racing fans merely have to drive north ... just like all the other gambling Texans.



I can see Russia from my backyard.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Breeders' Cup Turf Logic

Valerie, the famed writer of Foolish Pleasure applauded my successful selection of Dangerous Midge in the Breeders' Cup Turf but asked,
How the hell did you correctly pick Dangerous Midge?!?!?

Well, Valerie, I will gladly share with you my reasoning behind my selection of Dangerous Midge:

I remember Donativum winning the 2008 Juvenile Turf ...

And I remember Wilko winning the 2004 Juvenile ...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

2010 Breeders' Cup Selections

Crack open your piggy banks! Cash in all of your aluminum cans! Dig for loose change under the sofa cushions – and throw out the old popcorn kernels and stale Cheetos while you’re at it. The 2010 Breeders’ Cup World Championships is a mere day away, which means it’s time for Post Parade’s 4th Annual Magic Beer Bottle Breeders’ Cup Selection! This year we salute good friend and fellow blogger, John of Not to the Swift fame, and use the beer of his choosing: Bud Light Lime, proudly proclaimed “Instant Summer” by Hillside Liquor Store.
"My taste in beer is as quirky and eclectic as my taste in subject matter for the blog." [John]

Of note, I enjoyed modest success with my selections last year (5 winners, 4 others in the money). However, the Magic Beer Bottle, still gloating over its 2007 BC Mile Kip DeVille hit, fared poorly last year, Goldikova being its only winner. And who didn’t have Goldikova?

So, without further ado, let’s spin the bottle!

    2010 Breeders’ Cup Selections


    Magic Beer Bottle


    Bright Horizon


    Juvenile Fillies Turf



    Filly & Mare Sprint

    Informed Decision

    Dubai Majesty

    Juvenile Fillies

    Awesome Feather

    Theyskens' Theory

    Filly & Mare Turf


    Eclair de Lune

    Ladies Classic

    Life At Ten

    Acting Happy

    Juvenile Turf




    Wise Dan

    Smiling Tiger

    Turf Sprint

    Chamberlain Bridge

    Grand Adventure


    Uncle Mo





    Dirt Mile

    Here Comes Ben

    Hurricane Ike


    Dangerous Midge**




    First Dude

    *Our successful selections last year. Let it ride!
    **I tossed Workforce - I don't care if he just won the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe. Refer to the Dylan Thomas history lesson in 2007.

Be sure to stop by the TBA homepage as TBA members and a sundry to Twittering handicappers have posted their selections for the 2010 Breeders' Cup. Good luck!