Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Opportunity to Wear Your Groovy Pants

Thanks to the endeavor of the ever-vigilant web-surfing staff of Paulick Report, I was alerted that Disney's upcoming movie, Secretariat, had begun filming at Keeneland with a sea of teeming movie extras adorned in their hip and stylish polyester clothes à la 1973. According to LexGo, filming at Keeneland continues today and then will move to Churchill Downs next week. "Extras are still needed for that shoot Oct. 5-9, particularly men of all ages, specialty extras such as look-alikes for '70s icons such as Isaac Hayes and Sonny and Cher."

If Kentucky is not a desirable venue for launching your movie career, Bam Casting LA is currently casting extras for Secretariat when filming moves to the boudain ball capital of the world, Lafayette, Louisiana. Want to be more than just a pretty face wearing baby blue polyester pants in a crowd? Need to broaden your thespian skills? Maybe you just want to show off your groovy wardrobe. Or fire up your highly prized '72 Vega hatchback Coupe. There's some excellent opportunities:

Also Seeking
*Experienced horse handlers and trainers
*1970’S cars, trailers, and RVs
*Photo doubles for Diane Lane, John Malkovich ...
*Hippie/Woodstock types
*Military/Police types
*Reporter/Media types

The open casting call was a couple of days ago at the Cajundome. But don't shave off your sideburns yet! You can still fill out a registration form. Filming in Lafayette is scheduled for Oct. 12 through the end of November.

Break a leg!

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