Friday, September 04, 2015

Texas Racing Receives 90 Day Reprieve

On Tuesday, racing went dark in Texas.

Later in the day, the Jane Nelson-Dan Patrick Legislativepalooza provided a "compromise" to end the brief shutdown:  A 90 day reprieve.

More like a stay of execution.  Remember, this is Texas and we do that crap here, too.

Three months would give Gov. Greg Abbott the opportunity to appoint 3 new members to the Texas Racing Commission, to replace members whose terms have expired.  And, as we know, appointments are generally associated with campaign contributors and the size of their checkbooks.  And the Governor's agenda (read:  No slots).  Support of the Texas horsemen and the entire racing industry being optional characteristics.

It's not inconceivable that the new Texas Racing Commission will be modeled in the vision of Nelson-Patrick-Oklahoma Casinos-Indian Tribes.  And this "new" and "improved" TxRC will be required to meet and re-vote to rescind the initiative on Instant Racing.  If they rescind, then it's dead.  No day in court.  No effort to bolster purses.  It will the lethal injection into the Texas horse industry.

And the Nelson-Patrick-Abbott lobbyists and PAC contributors won't be crying all the while they expand their casinos and create the largest and grandest OTB at Exit 1, Oklahoma.

On the bright side, Lone Star Park is a beautiful venue.  It could always be converted into something more practical and popular, like a gun range.

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