Sunday, February 26, 2006

It Takes An Einstein ...

Gulfstream Park Breeders' Cup Turf (gr. I) is run a little bit longer than previously. Some trainers do not like this added ground, 1 3/8 miles to 1 7/16 miles. If one was not paying any attention in his 4th grade math class because he was too busy doodling cartoons or shooting spitballs onto the ceiling, I can understand the source of frustration. This requires a change of the common denominator in order to calculate the added distance. Because I am a laboratory professional, i.e., a scientist, I will happily review the mathematical conversion involved in this calculation. "1 3/8" is the same as "1 6/16" which is the same as "22/16" and thus we can subtract that value from the "1 7/16" or the "23/16" in which we can determine that the increase in the turf race was "1/16".

It doesn't exactly take an Einstein to figure this out.

And Einstein (Brz) had no problem with this conversion whatsoever. And I should also note that Helen Pitts is a genius.

Upon review of the past performances prior to the race, I thought that Helen Pitts was asking a lot of Einstein. A huge jump in class, from allowance to Grade I. Racing against the likes of Mustanfar and Gun Salute. Stretching out from 9 furlongs ... oh rats, there's that math thing again ... hmmm ... 1 1/8 converts to 1 2/16 which would ... hmmm ... 5/16 miles extra ... hmmm ... attempting to convert to furlongs ... did not pay attention that day in math. However, I had touted Helen Pitts in a previous post and I should have had a lot more confidence in her when I approached the mutuel windows yesterday. This Einstein would have boxed the trifecta instead of wheeling Einstein into the 2nd and 3rd slots.

And speaking of Einsteins, what was Dallas Keen thinking entering a maiden into the Southwest Stakes?

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John said...

After reading your post I was inclined to reach for a fifth of anything in the liquor cabinet.