Sunday, February 05, 2006

Scribble Pad Review

When the weekend approaches, I, like a zillion other horse racing enthusiasts, handicappers, and savory or maybe not-so-savory bookies, are reviewing the race cards and finding the 'good' races. I usually find some scratch piece of paper, more often times that not, a crayon-scribbled page from a discarded Care Bears coloring book, and jot down the races that I plan to watch, wager, and perhaps put some winnings into my childrens' college funds.

Well, the scratch piece of paper and I did not make it to Lone Star Park. It's known that occassionally life happens, i.e., washing machines overflow, work calls you in, 4-year-olds announce that they had an "accident", etc. So, this evening I reviewed my races and compared them to my planned wagers. There are two possible outcomes to this methodology in horseplaying: (1) a sigh of relief as I'm 1 for 15 and I saved some money, or (2) a river of tears because I did not cash in on a winning trifecta. Today, the outcome was the first one.

But I hit one win right on the head. In an earlier post, I had touted Misty Rosette as a very good-looking filly. Of course, she was my selection for the Old Hat Stakes on Saturday, and won as the fourth betting choice, paying $12.40. Her trainer, James Chapman, is apparently aiming for the Kentucky Oaks. After I patted myself on the back for about 10 minutes, I came to the conclusion that for the past three years, I have easily selected the winners for the Old Hat. Okay, Maddelena and Madcap Escapade weren't exactly longshots the past two years. But nonetheless, I own this race. How's that for egocentricity!

Another horse that I have been watching and have anxiously waited for his return was Blazing Rate. He had previsouly beat In Summation at Calder. Although In Summation did not hit the board in either the Aventura or the Sunshine Million Dash Stakes in Santa Anita,I had hopes for Blazing Rate. Good thing I didn't tout him on Friday as I note that he came in last in the Hutcheson. I would have had him in an exacta box with First Samurai. I'll continue to watch this guy. It was first off the layoff and in the slop.

And speaking of slop, rain, and racing at Gulfstream, here's hoping that our buddy, Patrick, had a great trip to Miami!


John said...

Sue, do you really want to own an "old hat". Couldn't you find a race with a more glamourous name to own like "the demoiselle" or "the starlet".

Applebys Traveler said...

Question regarding the Care Bears - if a thoroughbred named Grumpy Bear appeared, would it be worth a thoughtful $2 wager?

suebroux said...

Hmmm. Good points to ponder. I was unaware that I sounded rather pathetic. Perhaps it would be to my advantage to translate a few tokens items to French ... Le Vieux Chapeau and Ours de Soin. That sounds a little more dignified!

John said...

Mon Amie Sue,

You never sound pathetique.

OK. . .enough with the French you have exhausted my vocabulary