Thursday, March 02, 2006

Off to the Races ...

Alan has been there. Patrick has been there. John has been there. Andy has been there. It's time for me to take my turn.

A few weeks ago, my husband decided that I need a little 'Attitude Adjustment' weekend and encouraged me to take a short retreat from the busy days of motherhood, work, housecleaning, and hauling our various animals to the vet. "Anywhere you want to go. I'll take a couple of days off, take care of the girls." (read: "Sit around the house in my shorts, eat pizza, and not have to shave"). So, Mr. I-Have-More-Frequent-Flyer-Miles-Than-You'll-Ever-Have-In-Your-Lifetime booked me off to Miami, Florida this weekend, specifically for me to attend the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream.

So folks, I'm off to the airport with my plan to start this "vacation" at the Admirals Club and read my Daily Racing Form and find out why I'm viewing a headline that pronounces that Magna has over $100 million in losses last year.

Gotta run! Dad's Taxi is ready to go!


bigbrother said...


And to think I am happy just to be sent to Home Depot.

Have fun Sis!

Husband said...

You left out beer

John said...

I wandered over to your hubby's blog. He's a funny guy. It isn't easy to make dirty diapers and a drugged out dog sound funny but he did it.

Ruben Bailey said...

Nice!! Another TBA'er checking in at the new GP.

Can't wait to hear some thoughts on your visit.