Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Spring Break

Finding the time to write a few sentences has become a challenge of late. It's been Spring Break. And My Spring Break consists of Horton Hears a Who, Chuck E. Cheese's, and visiting the Fort Worth Zoo with 11.2 million other people last Friday.

My Spring Break is unlike Teresa's Spring Break, well-documented on her fine blog Brooklyn Backstretch - a spring break that consists of All-Horse-All-The-Time in the Mint Julep State. She's had a Keeneland Breakfast and an up-close-and-personal relationship with the Bobblehead Model of the Year, Smarty Jones. Be sure to visit her site and follow her exploits.

My Spring Break is also unlike Michele MacDonald. She's been in Dubai keeping us up to date with the ongoings before the World Cup over at the Dubai Racing Club. Fantastic photos and notes. Especially noteworthy is Curlin received accolades as the Sexiest Horse of the Year, narrowly beating out David Beckham.

Obviously, I need to do a better job planning My Spring Break next year.


TripCrown73 said...

Before you know it the kids will be heading south for their own spring break and won't want to be anywhere near a parent figure. So when that happens take advantage of your first year of freedom and head east to enjoy your own Spring Break! Because after that first year, you will be wishing they would stay or come home more often because you never get to see them.

Nell said...

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