Friday, March 07, 2008

Party Central

Since many of you are spending quality time dissecting the upcoming Gotham Stakes or singling Pyro in your Pick-6 at the Fair Grounds, I feel that it is my obligation as a serious and erstwhile pseudo-turf-writer-wannabe to provide the latest details in horse racing that may or may not affect you.

Yesterday morning, Julie Koenig-Loignon of Churchill Downs Incorporated, alerted me to some important information. From what I gleaned from her email, the horse racing industry is making a highly concerted effort to reach out and expand its fan base by courting those individuals who like to eat food.

According to the press release, Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Helps Churchill Downs ‘Bring The Derby Home’ Through Official Kentucky Derby Party Program and Web Site, Chef Bobby Flay will serve as official host and spokesperson for Kentucky Derby Party, a new program “designed to connect millions of Kentucky Derby fans worldwide who enjoy hosting annual Kentucky Derby parties on the first Saturday in May,” (as opposed to my neighbor Hector’s Kentucky Derby Party that he enjoys hosting somewhere around Labor Day).

This caught my immediate attention! What a fascinating and stimulating idea. But who the heck is Bobby Flay?

This, of course, required me to use my highly developed research tools (read: Google) and perform intricate and detailed examination of the new Poster Boy of the 134th Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands.

Conveniently, he has a website, which is cleverly called There are recipes, FAQs, and other food-related stuff. However, there was no report as to which current 3-year-old he favored in the Derby Future Pool, nor did he provide any scoop as to how to improve the Mint Julep.

Anyway, be sure to stop by the official Kentucky Derby Party website for all your Kentucky Derby Party paraphernalia. Party packages start as low as $75, pari-mutuel clerk not included.


Teresa said...

Mr. Flay is a ubiquitous presence on the Food Channel, and an occasional presence in the winner's circle--his Catmosphere hooked me up well last September at Belmont.

He is also married to Stephanie March, late of Law and Order fame, and the owner of several high-profile NYC restaurants.

The man is simply everywhere...including frequently in Saratoga in the summer.

Superfecta said...

It's hard to miss Bobby Flay if you're a New Yorker - he always seems to be everywhere (although I can't say I'm a huge Mesa Grill fan).

I've seen him lurking around when various L&O programs have been filming in the area. I like that he is a genuine racing fan but something that I can't put my finger on has always bugged me about him.

I do like his 'Throwdown' show, though.

applebys traveler said...

It's these hard-hitting items of relevant information that keep me coming back. Since's it's a given the Star-Telegram won't be coughing up any dough for you to attend the Derby, maybe you could convince Gourmet magazine to assign you coverage of this event.

Good news is you won't miss Hector's "When-Was-That-Derby-Again" party, although I sense coverage of his party would be more lively and entertaining than reading about socialites eating shrimp with basil. Say, that's a good name for a horse, too

Anonymous said...

Bobby Flay also owns race horses including the 3-year old filly, Grace and Power who finished 2nd in the Hollywood Starlet last year.

Big Brother said...

If good food and mint juleps are involved, maybe I should be too.

I did have mint juleps at Gone With The Wind party. After a couple of them, everything tastes the same.

I thought the first Saturday in May was the Masters...or was it the Indy 500?