Monday, March 27, 2006

Lane's End ... 'Underdog' Pays Off

Last year, Lone Star Park introduced the 10-cent Superfecta. A couple of my trackside associates thought that it was the greatest invention since Kraft individually wrapped their cheese slices. Initially, however, the real horseguys and gamblers and purists and braggerts made fun of the wager. If I was inclined to actually do some research, I'm sure I could quote a columnist or two. Hopefully, cyber-resident smart guy, Alan, will set me straight.

Then one reads the payouts on races like last Saturday's Lane's End:

With longshots dominating, there were no $1 superfectas sold on the Lane's End. Six 10-cent supers, each worth $19,783.69, were sold. [DRF]

Okay, don't get all excited because I did not have one of the six. But that's a nice little return for 10 cents. If my Lucky Buddha ever gives me a payout like that, I'm going to invite all of my friends out for a drink. I would rather invite all my friends to dinner instead, but usually when one wins $19,783 "friends" starts to show up. Note to Brad: I'll even buy you a real martini (with gin, naturally)!


t said...

Looking forward to it! Mmmm, Boodles.

Alan Mann said...

Sue - Actually the ten cent superfecta generally drew praise from columnists who commented on it. (It was actually Sam Houston that introduced it I believe) I made fun of it though:

>>Bork went on to announce that for the same thin dime, fans can purchase a tiny piece of hot dog with a thimble full of Coke; and a quarter will get them a whiff of any premium liquor brand in the house.