Friday, March 24, 2006

Watch out! There's An Assignment in this Blog

Before I begin to write about my recent horse racing musings, it is imperative that you, the reader, go over to, as fellow horse racing blogger and insightful guy, toteboardbrad is the guest handicapper. My request is that you go over to that website, read Brad's selections and then be sure to go back over to Brad's blog and post your comments, such "Brad! You are a handicapping genius!" or "Brad! How many martinis did you consume before you even looked at the past performances?" Then feel free to return here and read what I have to say, which in fact, would not be much.

Here's the links:

Lovedagoat's Guest Handicapper
Brad Buys A Yearling

Go ahead. I'll wait ....

Hmmm... hmmm... No, Alice, you may not bring Chubby to school .... Please put your shoes on .... No, those are not your shoes, those are your sister's shoes ... They're 4 sizes too big for you, go and find your Dora shoes ....

Aha! You've completed the assignment. Now let's get down to business.

This Saturday, there is some fine racing in Dubai, a place that is known for rich racing purses and port operations. I have a tough time getting my post times together when following West Coast races so I'm guessing it may prove to be worse for me in regards to Middle East post times. Lone Star Park will open its Post Time Pavilion early for the Dubai races, which is a real treat because their breakfast is delicious. So I'm planning on Brass Hat and Two Eggs Over Easy with Hashbrowns.

The Lane's End at Turfway will go off around afternoon snack time. But before I discuss the Lane's End, there is something that bothers me considerably. 'Turfway' does not even have a turf course thus the name appears to be misleading and I want to know why somebody associated with the campaign to re-elect Tom DeLay has not done something about this. Furthermore, about this Polytrack - I can't figure it out. I should do some research on this but, as you know, this blog is not dedicated to any real fact-finding missions. Poly, being from the Greek, refers to full, or many, or much. Or it could refer to excessive or abnormal. Track, from Germanic origins, is "a course laid out for racing". Thus, the term Polytrack might actually mean "an abnormal race course." Many might agree with that definition, perhaps Lawyer Ron as he was unable to win on Polytrack and has been a toughie since he discovered dirt.

And another point that I feel I need to make about Polytrack, is that "poly" is a homophone for "Polly", as in "Sweet Polly Purebred" who, as you know, was Underdog's girlfriend. And that very well might prove to be the betting strategy of the Lane's End, as the race appears to anybody's. The underdogs that appeal to me with morning lines of 15-1 are Sharp Attack and More Than Regal.

You know, I'm thinking that I'm not going to be a Guest Handicapper any time soon.


Tote Board Brad said...

I though of you when using that Sam Houston race for Arabians. I almost h'capped a Texas bred race, but wanted to use an emerging breed, and the Arabian race just made so much sense.

I love Underdog. NEVER FEAR...

John said...

Another fine example of witty blogging and witty handicapping.

Ky Joe also had Sharp Attack in the Lane's End. Something tells me neither you, Joe or me will ever be a guest handicapper anywhere.