Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The List Grows Longer

I’ve been spending the past few days reviewing the various articles, comments, opinions, and facts following the loss of Eight Belles after the Kentucky Derby. Animal Morality Kingpin, PETA, in an attempt to prove that its collective Intelligence Quotient is equal to that of Silly Putty, called for the suspension of jockey, Gabriel Saez. Also, a number of perspectives infer that the filly had no business racing against a group of colts, regardless of the fact she walloped 18 of them; I fully expect Billie Jean King to visit Paul Moran and whack him upside the head with her tennis racket sometime in the near future. Additionally, there are those who toss around words such as “irresponsible”, “reckless”, and “egotistical” when referring to Larry Jones and Rick Porter, implying that their careers should be limited to sumo wrestling in Jell-O.

And then there is The List.

    George Washington
    Pine Island

The List is not a short one. Some names recognizable, others are not,

    Second of June
    Phillip X.
    Puffy Shirt

There’s a sense of loss with each name; emotions that call for immediate change. A personal declaration, “I’ll never watch horse racing again!” Or public finger-pointing at the horse racing industry, calling for safer racing surfaces and bigger, thicker, fatter legs on Thoroughbreds.

Yet racing continues. Those of us who love horses, who love the racing, who love the wagers, don’t turn our backs permanently.

A person named Hillary left a very reflective comment on Eight Belle’s Memory Wall at Bloodhorse. As to whether this individual is the same Hillary that received a PETA-lashing for supporting Eight Belles and requesting her daughter wager on the filly at the Kentucky Derby cannot be ascertained.

My heart goes out to all those in connection with Eight Belles. Her death is one of grace and beauty and should be remembered as such. I believe that these horses genuinely love racing … There is no one to blame for this tragedy and should be something that unites us with our love of these magnificant [sic] beasts and how much joy and happiness they provide for us.

Another name on The List,
    Eight Belles

For those of you who feel moved each time you reflect on The List and want to make a difference, consider making a donation to the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Inc., Barbaro Fund, Old Friends, or any other number of equine charities.

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Janet said...

Don't forget Go For Wand. My life long dream of going to the Kentucky Derby died on the track with Eight Belles. I won't ever watch horse racing again, too many horses have died in the last couple of years.