Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Derby Sophistication: Mint Juleps and Girl Scout Cookies

The other afternoon, I was flipping through my husband’s issue of Society Life. I’m quite baffled how he secured a subscription to this magazine as his idea of “Society Life” usually involves some sort of combination of cheap beer, Whataburgers, the Dallas Mavericks, and boxer shorts. Anyway, as I paged through the recent issue of the magazine, I was surprised to see a full-page advertisement promoting an “exclusive event,” Derby Day at Lone Star Park.

An afternoon of Southern sophistication

Dinner, Open Bar, Live Races, Live and Silent Auctions

The event just rings of Society Life!

However, noted at the bottom of the ad, Proceeds benefit Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc.

Now when I was a Girl Scout, we sold cookies and calendars and had car washes and panhandled. Since when has the Girl Scouts associated themselves with horse racing and wagering in an effort to raise money?

I ventured out to the Texas Oklahoma Plains Girl Scout Council website to glean more information. Sure enough, the event notification is strategically placed beneath the Girl Scout Night at the Purple Cow Diner, Cookie Card Balance access, and a Mother’s Day reminder. And it is also identified as an adults-only fundraiser.

Since I know many of my loyal readers aspire to be part of the Society elite, I investigated this “exclusive event” with fervor in order to provide more details.

I emailed Lee Koch, whose achievements include the Girl Scout Fundraising Guru badge. She informed me that this is the second year for the event and it is the only adult fundraiser that the council has. “Proceeds benefit the council as a whole including the camp where the horse arena is [located]. Not sold out yet but close – are you interested in coming?”

Me?? I gripe about the cost of Girl Scout Cookies these days, so it would be doubtful that I would attend “an afternoon of Southern sophistication.” Besides, I do not have nearly the amount of sophistication as John of Not to the Swift fame.

And then, of course, there is the auction. I innocently inquired if there might be something interesting. Ms. Koch obliged me by forwarding a list of the live auction items: Ultimate Texas Rangers Day, a suite for 25 at Lone Star Park, a suite at the Ballpark in Arlington, Grand Cayman vacation, 2009 Kentucky Derby package, South African Photo Safari. Not a single box of Girl Scout Cookies was in the listing of auction items. Obviously, winning the Pick-6 at Aqueduct – complete with a $1,244,648 carryover – would be a prerequisite for me to even make a tepid opening bid on any item.

Ms. Koch certainly has the knack for pulling together a sophisticated Derby Day event for the Girl Scouts. But what about the Derby itself? Who did she like?

“Don’t have a clue for the derby,” she replied.

Recommendations may be in order to develop and implement The Thoroughbred Handicapping badge.

And speaking of Society, local artist, Trish Biddle of Southlake, Texas, is the Official 2008 Kentucky Derby Artist, capturing Art Deco style of fashion, high heels, elegance, sophistication, and 18-inch waists.

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