Friday, March 09, 2007

The Fashionable Trainer

Let's face it: Todd Pletcher is the GQ Poster Boy for horse racing. He looks great in a suit when he is standing in the Winner's Circle. He looks suave when we wears a tuxedo as he receives an Eclipse Award. He has great hair - ne'er to be seen windblown. And quite honestly, I have never seen him look anything but impeccably dressed. Admittedly, my relationship with the distinguished trainer is solely based on his presence over simulcast monitors and television screens, and Mrs. Todd or Mother Todd might be the first women to proclaim that he prefers to wear tattered BVDs under his nicely pressed dress slacks.

Last Friday, Todd Pletcher had one horse entered on the entire card at Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino; Perfect Forest (Forestry) running in a 1 mile allowance race for 3-year-olds. And once again, as if he were magnetized to the Winner's Circle, there stood Todd Pletcher.

And now for something completely different - he was not wearing a tie! He had on blue jeans! He wore scruffy boots! And where was his hair??? He was wearing a billed cap, for heaven's sake! It would not have surprised me if he might have had a hole or two in his socks. He looked like a regular un-GQ horse trainer guy.

Regardless of fashion, he's still comfortable having his photo taken in the Winner's Circle.


Nellie said...

As shocking as this photo may be, you'll notice that not much is out of place ... there's still that aura of supernatural perfection. Although, whenever I speculate on this, at some point it crosses over to 'creepy'.

Seriously, I think he's missing out on a few good advertising partnerships ... Tide to Go (for the complete lack of horse slobber, which I know from personal experience is inescapable) ... some kind of hair gel (I'm sure those horsie noses find their way into his hair at some point every day - yet it bounces right back!) ... and if I were feeling more creative, I could probably go on.

Baloo said...

Even dressed casually, he still looks more professional than most horse trainers!