Monday, March 12, 2007

Does Todd Pletcher Have a Stetson Stuffed In the Back of His Closet?

It's hard to believe that it was only a week ago I was enjoying all the wonderful racing at Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino. Excellent comaraderie with John and Pat, and meeting their golfing buddy named Lenny, who by the way owns a couple of bookstores. An exquisite array of food at the buffet at Ten Palms. The number of winning wagers made (many). The number of vodka tonics that I consumed (more). And of course, the number of times Todd Pletcher stood in the Winner's Circle that day (5), capped off with the win of Future-Kentucky-Derby-Contender, Scat Daddy, in the Fountain of Youth (gr. II).

And after this past weekend, Scat Daddy can look forward to meeting all of his other Future-Kentucky-Derby-Contender brethren: Circular Quay, Any Given Saturday, King of the Roxy, Ravel, Cowtown Cat, Rags to Riches, Audacious Chloe, Perfect Forest, some 3-year-old maiden that I have never heard of who will be making his debut next weekend at Gulfstream Park, and Mother Todd Pletcher.

The Kentucky Derby presented by Todd! Pletcher.

I'm sure many of you are looking at your Road To The Roses chess pieces or perhaps your Derby Future Wagers (both pools 1 and 2), thinking to yourself, "I have escaped that clutches of Todd Pletcher! I have Great Hunter!" Others are saying to themselves, "Every single #%&^! horse I have is trained by Todd Pletcher!"

At this writing, there is a very good chance that he is training every thoroughbred that displays a hint of talent in North America along with the second coming of Oujia Board, should she decide to keep her career in racing versus broodmaredom.

This evening, I discussed the phenomenal success of Todd Pletcher with my husband.

Husband: Huh. Todd Pletcher, eh? Didn't he win an Academy Award for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
Me: No. That was Louise Fletcher.

Here in Texas, it's All-Todd-All-The-Time:
Another day of Kentucky Derby preps, another winning day for Texas native Todd Pletcher. [wire reports, Star-Telegram]

The 39-year-old Texas native trains four of the leading contenders for the Triple Crown ... [Gary West, Star-Telegram]

That gives Pletcher six different winners in six Derby preps this season. For a trainer looking for his first Derby win ... Pletcher, a Dallas native, has to feel pretty good about his chances to break through. [AP, Dallas Morning News (motto: We're too cheap to have a real turf writer)]

Todd Pletcher, who arguably has the finest thoroughbreds in the land . .. “I wish I was a good player,” said Pletcher, a 39-year-old Dallas native. “I like playing and it’s a lot of fun ..." [Ed Golden, The Poker Pro Magazine]

You'd think the guy was a descendent from one of the defenders of the Alamo!

Anyway, I know that Dallas native Todd Pletcher came back to Texas a few years ago. He trained some horse named Ashado that won the Breeders' Cup Distaff at Lone Star Park in 2004. And it would be a real treat for Texas racing should he Two-Step his way back to Texas again.


Tote Board Brad said...

Playing the ponies in south florida with Mr. Riggio? Wow, you are traveling in some high circles. Does the book baron have a stable? I'm not familiar with him as an owner.

suebroux said...

Actually, Mr. Riggio had a horse racing in the 6th race on the card (Gulfstream Park Handicap). Perhaps you've heard of him - Noble Causeway. He runs his stable as My Meadowview Farm.

Tote Board Brad said...

Sweet mother of all that is holy, Sue! If I had your rolodex, there'd be no stopping me. Unfortunately, I lack that d'broux-esque magnetic personality to develop such a rolodex.