Friday, April 07, 2006

Sometimes Nothing Is Good

This morning I received a deluge of emails whining that I had not posted any horse racing musings over the past few days. Okay, it really wasn't a deluge of emails, but rather my snarky, gave-up-caffeine-for-health-reasons husband this morning, grumbling and muttering about something, while I sipped on a cup of coffee.

And there is so much to muse over these days! The Wood. The Santa Anita Derby. The Illinois Derby. The Ashland. The Apple Blossom. The Masters. NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway. However, I shall defer to the experts and real writers and bloggers to approach these subjects and disseminate useful and insightful information as I find that I lack sufficient time to even post a horse racing haiku for everyone's enjoyment.

So what could possibly derail me from my personal mission to compile a bunch of words together and call it "information" and/or "entertainment"? A couple of kids and a couple of jobs. Also I listed our house. And it would prove to be most beneficial if I found a house that we could actually move to when we sell this one. I have also been required to utilize that motherly 'knack' to create some kind of 'pony' out of a paper sack for my 4-year-old's Rodeo Days at her pre-school. And did I mention that I haven't done my taxes yet?

But once in a while, horse racing beckons me back with only a quick glance and a lucky chance ... that rhyme is for you, all you poetry lovers. Today, in the 2nd at Santa Anita, The Bug Brush Stakes for 4-year-olds and up, Behaving Badly, one of my favorite mares, was running. She has enabled me to cash in a number of winning tickets on a variety of occasions. Of course, I knew that she was going to be bet down to nothing, but I was not afraid to bet big just to make a few dollars. Upon closer inspection of the race card, there was another sure thing, Leave Me Alone. I knew that she would also be bet down to nothing as well. Today, for one quick race on my way home from the lab, Nothing + Nothing = $2.80 payout on a $1 exacta. And because it was what I considered a sure bet, and we all know that there are very few sure bets out there, I bet big.

May the weekend be great. And here's 'the picks': Greeley's Legacy. Point Determined. Sweetnorthernsaint. Balance. Happy Ticket. Fred Couples. Greg Biffle.


John said...

The paper pony is back, I'm glad. I was wondering where it went.

Thanks for the haiku link, I have had haiku-block since then but I feel it is beginning to clear.

Joe at Blinkers Off must be clairvoyant, read his poem about a longshot in the eight at Keeneland and then look at the results for the 8th at Kenneland yesterday, it's spooky.

suebroux said...


I had to turn-out the paper pony after the original post; I had consumed a little bit too much pinot grigio when paper pony first appeared. You were probably the only person who even saw it!

I should note at that point, that this entire post can actually be condensed into a simple poem:

With a paper sack
And motherly knack,
A paper pony was created.
But with a quick glance
And a lucky chance,
A nice win made Mom elated