Friday, April 14, 2006

Post Parade Scores an Interview with Steve Asmussen

Lone Star Park opened it's 10th season with its first race, the $50,000 Premiere Stakes for Texas-breds. And the usual suspects showed up: Agrivating General, Rare Cure, and Steve Asmussen.

Asmussen had Senor Amigo (by Distorted Humor), a 6-year-old who decided that he wanted to have a career as a racehorse and submitted his resume to the top trainer. His morning line of 10-1, and in true Lone Star Park/Steve Asmussen style, got bet down to a solid 4-1, or something like that because by post time, professional-gambler-and-general-good-guy, Kemper, was already handing me my second frozen margarita, so I might be a little hazy on the final odds.

Milling around the apron, Steve Asmussen is highly visible. He resides in Arlington which basically makes Lone Star Park his backyard. And in his usual fashion, he watched his horse at the stretch, where Senor Amigo led by a length, and deciding that his lead wasn't worthy enough of his new trainer, Senor Amigo drove off and won by 4 lengths.

So, as Steve Asmussen went marching back to his usual spot in the winner's circle for another family portrait, I took the opportunity to conduct a quick interview.

Sue: Well, sir, it looks like you are off to a great start this meet.
Steve: Whoohoo!

The interview wrapped up. And I had not had the opportunity to tell him that his slacks should be hemmed up.

Now, I would like to direct your attention to the links on the left and you will note a new one: Lone Star Park Press Box Blog. Entries are short and fan-friendly. You don't have to be Dan Illman to enjoy the blog. Go ahead and pop in; send Darren Rogers a comment or question, a cheer or jeer. Maybe Patrick can get them to join the TBA???


John said...

I like your interviewing style, brief and to the point...very funny post :-)

Alan Mann said...

LOL!!!!! Looking forward to more incisive interviews in the future. Funny thing is, a lot of the trainers comments we read don't really say that much more.

Baloo said...

Great Interview....Who do you have lined up next?

Anonymous said...

I like the information you got on your blog! thumbs up!
Wild Stallion