Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh my, a real Movie Star!

I feel that it has become a matter of utmost importance to break away from my 4-year-old's tea party and quickly tout a particular race.

Today's 7th race at Santa Anita is the Tuzla Handicap, a one mile turf race for fillies and mares. Movie Star (Brz), a 5-year-old Baffert-trained gal will be running; her fourth start in this hemisphere. I had the opportunity to watch, wager, and win on her first North American start at the Meadowlands; she beat Snowdrops in an impressive style in the Navajo Princess. Her subsequent races were at 1 1/8 miles with tougher competition. This horse can certainly benefit from the turn-back in distance.

Of course, there has to be sufficient value. Ticker Tape (GB) will probably be heavily favored, and I suspect that Movie Star will be a well-bet second favorite. The value play may be in an exacta with Patrick Biacone's Paddy's Daisy, a grade 3 winner.

And then there are other dilemmas that must be resolved. Post at 4:10 (PST) would be 6:10 (CST) which would mean that there would be a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old in this household, demanding to be fed and/or allowed to watch 'Arthur'. I contemplate the value of a babysitter. Or perhaps a dash to the track this afternoon to place my wager and check the Results Ticker in the evening. However, it should be noted, that the last time I brought my 4-year-old to the track, she had to bring Chubby Bear with her. If she were good, that would not be an issue, but instead she used the entire duration of our track visit (approximately 8 minutes) to toss Chubby Bear high into the air and shout, "Wheeeeeeee!" It makes for a rather disconcerting sight at the racetrack.

I feel as though I just made a case for getting a nanny. Or a bookie. Or a nanny with bookie qualifications. Or vice versa.


John said...

What a dilemma. I suggest you write a letter to your local legislators advocating telephone and internet wagering like we have here in PA.

Teaman said...

A dilemma indeed! You've got to get Xpress Bet or a telephone wagering acct. Plainridge Racecourse in MA has a toll-free service you can use with an established acct. I know you can make deposits through the mail with money orders or certified or personal checks. But I'm not sure if you can OPEN an acct. other than in person. They require your soc. sec. # to open one. If you make a big score they withold the taxes right then and credit your balance with the remains. Not really anything I'll have to worry about soon...:)

suebroux said...

Thanks for the tips! I noticed that (NasdaqSC: UBET) is up 4% as of Friday. I need to call my broker. 'Broker' kind of looks like 'bookie' but has two 'r's.

Anonymous said...


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