Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Love Graphs!

Dollar Day at Lone Star Park:  April 20 ,2013.

Look at your calendar, silly, it's the day after tomorrow.  No, not the silly movie, silly!

According to Lone Star Park's Facebook site, a not-so-scientific poll was conducted regarding one's favorite thing about Dollar Day at the racetrack.  And what scientist, statistician, brewmeister, or  beer-swilling-horseplayer doesn't break into a big, dumb grin when presented with this graph:

(Okay, horse racing purists ... there is no selection for "a Grade 1 stakes 1116 miles turf race, for fillies and mares, 3-year-olds and upwards, and a purse of $500,000).

If one can remember, the Dollar Beer has been a trifle gauche.  Last year, the racetrack partnered with Lone Star Beer.  Now, I'm not an individual that would blasphemy any product attached with the language "Lone Star".  However, with Lone Star Beer, I shall make an exception.  Even for a dollar, it's not an attractive beverage!  So this year, according to LSP Facebook page, it appears that we have a new friend for Dollar Day:

Live racing and events are sponsored by our good friends at Miller Lite!

Bring plentiful $1!!

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