Monday, April 15, 2013

LSP: Opening Weekend Antics

Lone Star Park opened its 17th season of Spring Thoroughbred racing this past weekend.  Perfect weather.  Tasty margaritas.  Big crowds. [Fill in the blank] racing.  [Fill in the blank] handle.  [Fill in the blank] success.

An unusual observation:  Information from Lone Star Park is not forthcoming.  It could be because (a) local newspapers are not in the business of publishing information about anything "not Tony Romo", or (2) Drew Shubeck is busy playing Sudoku.

Regardless, I spent most of the weekend at the track, watching/betting the races and trading observations with the rail-folk.  I don't have the attendance figures nearby (next to my martini ...) but I estimate there must've been something like 254,487,993 over the weekend, give or take a few million.  My not so-scientific estimate is based solely on the line to my favorite margarita bar in the grandstand.  The line was obscenely long ... for a mild (78 F) North Texas Day.

For those of you unable to comprehend my logic estimation, I shall illustrate it in easy-to-understand gridiron fashion:
 Of note, X is either (1) a child, (2) a pregnant and/or nursing mother, (3) a Baptist incognito, or (4) an ant.

It was a lovely weekend in North Texas and people showed up for concerts and for racing.  Details may or may not be forthcoming about silly things, like handle and what-not.  Okay, truth be told, I don't care about the Randy Rogers Band or Gary Allan or any other "Red Dirt Band" they book to increase the gate and pack the apron.  I'm an old [Fill in the blank] that wants to make some fun bets and check my handicapping prowess and maybe come home with a couple extra bucks.  However, when the 2nd race on a Friday night is a 5 1/2 furlong $7500 maiden claiming affair with a whole whopping 6 entries - ICK!!  Yeah, I would a prefer a concert, too!

Anyway, the gate must've been good, handle [Fill in the blank].  Premiere Stakes winner, Triumph and Song (jockey Jamie Theriot),

Triumph and Song (Credit Reed Palmer Photography)

Saturday's JEH Stallion Stakes winner, the beautiful Lasting Bubbles (jockey Lindey Wade),

Lasting Bubbles (Credit ... Reed Palmer Photography)

And, of course, an Original Butt Sketch .. that's my Alice. 

And yes, she's wearing a tail ... because she's a little kid and she can!

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