Thursday, August 04, 2011

"What a terrible thing to happen to a rescue!!!"

No secret here ... I've been a fan of the Keens for a while. They are an energetic and compassionate training tandem with a devotion to the well-being of the horses that they train. And, sadly, of those that are discarded by the less-than-compassionate individuals. Hence, the homegrown Remember Me Rescue organization that, I like to think, I was able to witness its inception when Donna stoutly proclaimed, "I'd love to spend more time rescuing unwanted racehorses and drinking merlot!" Or something to that effect.

Recently I spent a little time getting caught up with important people (read: Facebook) and was glad to read the following on Donna Keen's wall,
I would like to sincerely thank Lilly Armstrong for doing such a great job finding homes for our Remember Me Rescue horses. Only thing is we are almost out of horses. What a terrible thing to happen to a rescue!!!
So to Donna, Dallas, Lilly, and your teeming army of horse-loving volunteers and supporters: Definitely worthy of 'Like'! (And thanks!!)

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