Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Always [An Incovnenient] Post Time Somewhere!

This evening I received my Lone Star Park Online Jockey Club All The News You Can Use And Then Some email alert. I'm usually appreciative of these little email alerts as they provide timely reminders of crucial events, i.e., Belmont Stakes, Dollar Day, Pick-6 carryover at [insert name of racetrack here], etc. Saratoga and Del Mar being no exceptions, of course. However, one item caught my eye ... and upset me greatly,
Wednesdays in August, from 5 to 7 p.m., Lone Star Park has the Del Mar Happy Hour with $2 Margaritas. $2 Margaritas!

This really has a burr under my saddle!

$2 Margaritas! Wednesdays!

Son-of-a-.... Wednesdays are the ONLY day that I have to work the afternoon/evening shift at the lab.

Grrr ...

Enjoy Happy Hour everybody.


The_Knight_Sky said...

What kind of lab work do you do?
My dad was into that sort of thing. ;-)

suebroux said...

My Jersey Shore friend -

In real life I'm a medical technologist, working in the clinical laboratory analyzing stem cells for transplants; a glaring scientist-nerd stereotype. In my half-hearted pursuit to dispel this notion, I hang out at the track and pretend to be cool, which by the way, does not work. Be cool, that is.

Dad said...

Enjoyed reading your last few Posts. Seems I'm always too involved to remembeer (that's a Miller lite). Next time we're down there, we'd like to do the Jave and Jockey thing-