Monday, July 12, 2010

Batter Up!

Abner Doubleday and Don MacBeth are forever linked in the Great Big Book of History.

Of course, Abner Doubleday being the “inventor” of baseball, and Don MacBeth being the “inventor” of charity softball games that features a line-up of jockeys.

Okay. Truthfully, as far as I know, Don MacBeth had nothing to do with softball, or Abner Doubleday, for that matter. MacBeth was a jockey who assisted those less fortunate; a recipient of the George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award and the Avelino Gomez Memorial Award; first-class individual who passed away from cancer in 1987. A non-profit fund was established in his name to provide financial assistance to injured and disabled jockeys.

Lone Star Park – doing their part to contribute to the commendable cause – held their 2nd Annual Jockey Charity Softball Game this evening with proceeds benefiting the Don MacBeth Memorial Fund. A doubleheader, to be exact. Jockeys versus The Suits (read: Lone Star Park management and media who can pass themselves off as “fit”). Never one to pass up an opportunity to donate to a worthy cause and/or have my picture taken with really short people, I spent a little time at the ol’ ballpark to take in the festivities and heckle Drew Shubeck when at bat.

Disappointingly, there was not much of a crowd. Even more disheartening was the absence of Gary West – I had greatly anticipated watching him shag a fly ball or two. Maybe make a sterling leap over the centerfield fence, denying jockey Cliff Berry of the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 6th! I mean, who wouldn't want to give a hefty donation to see something like that?

Anyway, great fun.

    Jockeys in the dugout

      Lone Star Park's G.W. Hail gloats as the Suits soundly drub the jockeys in the first game of a double-header.

        Photo op with leading riders, Cliff Berry (left) and Bobby Walker, Jr. (right)

        Don't recognize 'em? Maybe this might help ...

          Coyote Legend, with regular rider Bobby Walker, Jr. aboard, wins the Assault Stakes, defeating Poltergeist with jockey Cliff Berry.


          Handicapper's Corner said...

          Sue Great blog and funny plus insightful .... if you have the time... funny bc it looks like you have your hands might check out my daily blog and need it to your site. I know this is why to much self promoting and I hate that but i have to try.

          Best Regard Michael

          John said...

          Nice work Sue. Once again you lead the way in pseudo-sports journalism with a smile.

          The_Knight_Sky said...

          Bobby Walker jr. That rings a bell.

          Wasn't he the one jockey for Two (2) Altazano?

          suebroux said...

          Thanks for the compliments, fellas!

          And to The_Knight_Sky_on_the_Jersey_Shore,
          Uh oh ... your comment drew the big ?!?. Frankly, Two Altazano sounds like some sort of cocktail made with tequila, Jack Daniels, and tabasco sauce. However, after conducting a little research, I learned that Two Altazano is, indeed, a horse. As for Bobby Walker, Jr. being the jockey, that would require way too much research ... like 5 whole minutes.

          The_Knight_Sky said...

          Wow Two Altazano raced in 1993-95.

          Where has the time gone?