Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Test Your Texas Mile Knowledge

Today, children throughout the state of Texas will be taking the TAKS test. Therefore, in celebration of standardized tests everywhere, I have created a short quiz covering this past weekend’s Texas Mile (gr. 3) and the events surrounding the race. This quiz should be easy and straight forward if you were one of the 18,232 in attendance. For the rest of you, please feel free to refer to your racing form or answer the questions to the best of your ability. Good luck!

Texas Mile Standardized Assessment

1. Mythical Power, trained by Bob Baffert, won the Texas Mile, completing the mile in 1:35.71. In the Winner’s Circle, the flower garland draped over his withers is of which state’s flag?
    a. West Virginia
    b. Kansas
    c. Vermont
    d. Texas

2. What remarks did winning jockey Martin Garcia use to describe the race?
    a. “I just let him break comfortable and he settled nicely into second position early on. I thought I had a lot of horse to go after the leader, and when he kicked on, my horse really dug in.”
    b. “It’s Dollar Day and I was in a hurry to snag a cold beer!”
    c. “A win here at Lone Star is important to me – I’ve always wanted to be interviewed by Gary West.”
    d. “Is there a Whataburger on the way to the airport? Mr. Baffert wants me to pick up an order to go.”

3. Besides an impressive card that also featured the Grand Prairie Turf Challenge and the Irving Distaff, it was also Dollar Day at Lone Star Park: $1 admission, $1 beer, $1 hot dogs and so forth. Which line was the longest?
    a. Line for beer
    b. Line for hotdogs
    c. Line for bathrooms
    d. Lines for beer, hot dogs, and bathrooms were a dead heat

4. Lone Star Park boasted an attendance of 18,232 for the races – a pleasant and cheerful turnout enjoying a day of great racing with picture perfect weather. Walking amongst the throng of fans, which phrase were you most likely to hear?
    a. “Excuse me, but I think you’re sitting on my blade of grass.”
    b. “The end of the beer line is where???
    c. “Aaron Gryder is riding here at Lone Star? I used to watch him on Jockeys – I kept waiting for him to beat up Joe Talamo!”
    d. All of the above

5. Suebroux, the author of the blog Post Parade, crossed paths with Lone Star Park’s Vice President and Assistant General Manager, G.W. Hail, and Global Gaming’s Michael Chang. How likely would it be that at that moment she would be drinking a dollar beer?
    a. Not likely
    b. There’s a possibility
    c. Very likely
    d. She’s probably holding 2 beers!

Stop! You have completed the quiz. Your standings in academia are completely and wholly unaffected by your results of the Texas Mile Standardized Assessment.

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d. I initially thought c. but I decided I did not want to view a "photo finish" of those in option C.