Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reach High, Dream Deep, and Get Real

My Dad came to visit over the holidays. And my Dad made me play golf with him. And that 82-year-old punk beat me by two strokes. But during his visit, he shared with me profound words of wisdom,

Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

Okay. He really didn't say that. The most profound thing my Dad ever says to me is "How 'bout a martini?" or "Let's go to Home Depot and buy you a socket set."

Anyway, I have compiled a modest list of some of my goals for 2009 that I would like to share with you. It's noteworthy that this list looks remarkably similar to my goals of 2008 and 2007.
    1. Write more serious and factual information for my blog
    2. Improve appearance of my blog
    3. Win the Pick-6 at Santa Anita when there's a $2,568,990 carryover
    4. Lose 8 pounds 12 pounds
    5. Exercise daily
    6. Quit drinking
    7. Get appointed to the Texas Racing Commission

The first goal, writing factual and serious information for Post Parade, is a timely subject. Recently, there has been a major seismic upheaval involving credential journalists, turf writers, bloggers, and the guy who publishes Pinkie's Hot Tips. Journalists have demonstrated a disdain for those who blog, insinuating that they are a poor substitution for a reporter and that they should be relegated back to the primordial ooze from which they came. Meanwhile, bloggers argue that the racing media is changing, transitioning from print media to the internet. And let's face it, the internet is available to everybody; it's not like we have to pay dues to Al Gore. So as free-lance, unpaid, horse racing bloggers, we have the freedom write, "Frank Stronach is a nincompoop."

However, I believe for the most part, bloggers do not consider themselves a replacement for journalists. But they can be a zesty complement to the media. Opinions, history, factual snippets that may not find its way to print media, are provided. How can that be bad for horse racing? Contrary to popular belief, I have been known to provide facts on many occasions, such as the unusual racetrack incident of Mr. Smee. Maybe, at this writing, I'm not serious and, for the most part, factual, but my efforts are aimed to garnering a smile or a chuckle. Paul Moran should give that "smiling" stuff a whirl sometime.

So, I think I have a good handle on that first goal; very attainable. Not so sure about making Mr. Moran chuckle though.

My second aspiration is to improve the appearance of Post Parade. That should be easy. New template. New colors. Improve links. Add more photos. The only thing required is a burst of creative energy, which may come to me in an unsuspecting moment sometime in July. In the meantime, I can begin working on this goal right now. Feel free to take a moment and enjoy this picture of Chris the Guinea Pig:

Let's review my third goal: A winning Pick-6 ticket with a disgustingly obscene carryover. Dream on.

The next three goals of the new year - lose weight, exercise, cease drinking - are all entwined. If I sacrificed my frozen margaritas and ran 5 miles each day, I'm fairly certain I would lose a few pounds. However, if I gave up my frozen margaritas at the racetrack, what cold liquid refreshment could I possibly enjoy while watching and wagering in the warm Texas sunshine? There could be a distinct possibility that I would have to sacrifice going to the track (aghast!). Thus, I have concluded to realize these dreams that I would have to take drastic measures, like having my liver removed.

And finally, I aspire to be part of the Texas Racing Commission. Timber Trick's positive drug screen, the commission's "zero-tolerance" stance, and the subsequent volley of opinions and accusations involving cheaters, contaminants, and chapstick, made me question as to whether the Texas Racing Commission has racing's best interest. Drug testing is a top priority this year; anabolic steroids outlawed. I think I could be beneficial to the racing commission, especially with my laboratory science background and given the fact that I can recognize a horse. I contemplated campaigning for a position on the Texas Racing Commission until I was informed that they are appointed by the governor (read: contributors to Rick Perry), therefore I shall pursue this goal by writing to the next Governor of Texas, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and including a small contribution to her campaign in the hopes that she remembers me in 2011. I'll start with $5.


Paul Moran said...

You prove my point. This blog is about you, not horse racing. You are an idiot.

Paul Moran

Paul Moran said...

Look I can pretend I'm Paul Moran too! Aren't I clever?

Paul Moran

Paul Moran said...

Paul is dead. Long live Ringo.

Ringo Starr said...

Peace and Love, Peace and Love

Ringo Starr

Paul Moran said...

Hi Ringo

You were always my favorite beatle

Paul Moran

Paul Moran said...

Wait a minute, *I'm* Paul Moran! What the heck is going on here? I'll have you know that I frown on such shenanigans.

Paul Moran

Queen Elizabeth II said...

Ringo was always my favorite knight.

Paul Moran

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Barbara Ann,

You know bah ba bah ba bah moran or was that a typo like Paul Moron.

Keep up the good work.

The Beach Boys (or at least a few of us)

Paul Moran said...

That's quite enough I love horsey's and really enjoyed your post.

Paul Moran

Paul Moran said...

Queen Elizabeth II

How nice of you to chime in. You and I always thought alike-we both never like that bitch Lady Diana Spencer

your friend
Paul Moran

suebroux said...

To 'Paul Moran' the Impostor: Yes, this is a blog, "an unfiltered personal journal". And not only is it a blog, it is my blog. Nowhere does it proclaim, "Post Parade: The Omniscient Horse Racing Source." If blogs are unpalatable to you, may I recommend exclusively reading The Daily Racing Form or The Blood-Horse which are staffed by a number of fine journalists.

Furthermore, if perchance you are a blog-hating, disgruntled journalist, stealing someone's byline all for the glories of dispensing sophomoric insults shreds any credibility that you may have.

To the Real Paul Moran (who is probably enjoying a well-deserved vacation in some sunny Central American destination with a big grin on his face): Please accept my apologies for having your good name kicked around like a football in this forum.

To all the other Paul Morans, Beatles, and members of the British royalty: Thanks for stopping by and putting a smile on my face :)

Hold All Tickets said...

".....what cold liquid refreshment could I possibly enjoy while watching and wagering in the warm Texas sunshine?"

Why Frank's Energy Drink of course!!

TripCrown73 said...

I love your blog just as it! I can always rely on you to give me a good laugh or have to buy my boss a new monitor on a few occassions ;). If I was the Gov, I would appoint you and you wouldn't even have to donate!
Keep up the good work and have a frozen one for me!

DAD said...

Have another martini