Monday, September 22, 2008

Vegas Twitter

I know that many of you are looking at your calendar, saying to yourself, "Holy Horatio Hornblower! It's the Autumnal Equinox! I think I'll celebrate and go to the track!" Others are somberly reflecting on the fact that it was 15 years ago that Nolan Ryan - the Express - pitched his final game (and the Texas Rangers still can't find their way to that elusive event called Post Season). And then there are those - horseplayers, racing fans, NTRA-suits - that are filled with excitement and enthusiasm: The Summit to Corral a New Generation of Racing Fans, or something like that, is occurring RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW in Las Vegas!

Summit member/Super-blogger, Dana, over at Green but Game, has inserted a cute little widget on her blog: Twitter. She's been putting up little posts sent, I assume, via text message on her phone. Monumental subject matter, i.e., "missed our flight" and "poolside burger + nap" and "too tired to be nervous". However, she did mention that NTRA loves the Self Appointed Fan Committee and that its 48 page report is posted on

Still, I was hoping that Dana would twitter serious and profound revelations that have transpired during this summit, such as "Patrick looks like he sleeps in his clothes" or "Rumor has it that Kevin has yet to leave the casino and go to his room" or "Alex Waldrop snorts when he laughs and he should refrain from imbibing martinis before 8 AM."

Anyway, my hopes are for a successful marketing summit. A fine team has been assembled; I look forward to reading their reports soon.


dana said...

as it turns out the TBA cleans up quite nicely and I think the most out of hand anyone has gotten was some bowling (except that railbird had a nice winning streak at the roulette table!).

for the truly profound check out, but I'll try a little harder today (even though I'll probably spend most of the morning at the roulette table!).

John said...

As one who is world famous for my profundity, I notice that I am never as profound in Nevada as I am in Pennsylvania.

I think it's all the lights and the cocktails and the blackjack tables, they distract and make profundity seem trivial as opposed to splitting 8s.

suebroux said...

Dana: Bowling in Las Vegas ... that's gotta be a first. Unless, of course, it is the original Bowling for High Stakes Dollars at the Mirage.

Regardless of the Team TBA bowling scores and roulette winnings, the summit is headlines on Bloodhorse. Dana is quoted with her brief synopsis of widgets, ring-tones, and other savvy internet alerts, as well as other TBA members/summit participants contributions and ideas. No mention of bowling scores or the number of Beer Frames that were achieved.

Kevin Stafford said...

Ha! This is hysterical! I must confess though, I was a total wuss on the 1st night and retired by about 10 PM. Now night #2 - oh yeah, then the "Kevin has yet to leave the casino..." tweet would be spot on! :-)