Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gen Y Soon to Inundate Racetracks

As many of you prepare for the upcoming Travers Stakes, I'm sure that you noticed this little ditty in The Blood-Horse,

Marketing Summit to Focus on New Fans.

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association's Marketing Summit, to be held Sept. 21-23 at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, will feature a special 90-minute session on Sept. 22 called "Reaching a New Generation".

Apparently, the workshop will be moderated by John Claude Van Demme Della Volpe, founder and president of SocialSphere Strategies. According to his C.V., he does a lot of stuff with polls and Web 2.0 (as opposed to Web 1.763). No word on whether he prefers Big Brown or Curlin. Or whether he's even made a pari-mutuel wager.

However, the pièce de résistance are the members of the marketing task force: Dana of Geldings O' Green (?), Railbird, Patrick, Kevin, and Troy of Loma Linda, whoever you may be. Excellent contributors! My heartfelt congratulations - I hope that you make a difference.

Of note: I was somewhat concerned to see that this summit was occurring in Las Vegas. I fear that there a numerous racebooks available to members of the marketing task force and there might be a temptation to feign a disease or develop a mild fever in order to excuse oneself and spend a few hours betting the races. However, the NTRA with their wisdom and foresight, according to the press release,

The Summit will begin with a private handicapping tournament for attendees on Sunday, Sept. 21.

The prize? Hopefully, a successful marketing strategy to develop a new generation of horse racing fans.


Power Cap said...

The Red Rock is a posh casino. It may just be the best sports book in Vegas. The attendees will love that place.

Winston...not really said...

I share your concerns. I hear there are dancers there as well.

Handride said...

oooh dancers!

dana said...

90 minutes participating in panel, day and half at race book... I'm sure what's gonna stay in Vegas is my money!

Glen Vargas said...

Hey, that guy Kevin is going to this thing.
Also, I'm actually a part of Gen Y, and no asked for my opinion on attracting more 20-somethings.

Sorry that it took me so long to return the comment favor.