Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's Happening in the World of Thoroughbreds? Go Ask the Prez

The mundane duties of motherhood has seemingly exploded into a myriad of challenges that are required to be performed within a set amount of time, i.e., a day. 24 hours to be precise, unless of course Congress, in an effort to stimulate the economy and improve productivity, adds and extra hour or two. And personally, that could come in pretty handy.

The juggernaut of daily life includes drop kids off at school, drop off husband at airport, work a part-time job, drink a Slim Fast for lunch, mentally rearrange priorities while driving to a second part-time job all the while attempting to schedule in time to watch a video replay of Indian Blessing's win in the Santa Ynez Stakes (gr. 2) and then realize that the niche of free time carved out will be consumed going to the grocery store because there is no milk at the house, work second part-time job, pick up kids, pick up neighbor's kids, attend a birthday party at the roller rink, schedule rollerskating lessons for 6-year-old because at the birthday party she could not skate and wants to learn to skate now, cook dinner, contemplate a new and intriguing topic for the horse racing blog until interrupted by a telephone call from husband requesting a copy of his passport because his new job will be sending him to the Philippines sometime in the near future and could I also possibly plan a small cocktail party on Friday night comprised of 20 or so people.

I have concluded that if I even want to look at a past performance of any kind, it had better be on my calendar.

Although I lament over this (hopefully) temporary busy lifestyle, I have no excuses. As it turns out, the Commander-in-Chief, who has a much more hectic schedule than I do, or so I'm told, has found time to be involved in the world of Thoroughbred horses. According to the Associated Press, President Bush visited the Saudi's king ranch where King Abdullah stables his 260 Arabian and Thoroughbred horses in air-conditioned comfort, including 1987 Kentucky Derby winner and Preakness winner, Alysheba.

photo from AP

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a race replay to watch. Just as soon as I wash the dinner dishes.


applebys traveler said...

Well written!

And it SNOWED in Atlanta last night :(

suebroux said...

Atlanta?!? SNOW?!?

My suggestion would be to seek refuge at a nearby OTB ... if there was one actually in Atlanta ...

missy said...

Dang, I felt exhausted just READING your blog. I must be sure to make sure "pick up the neighbor's kid" is removed from this routine! WHAT A WOMAN!

suebroux said...

Aaah, shucks ... "the neighbor's kid" is a real good kid. Plus her Mom is my Happy Hour Gal Pal and tons of fun - just keep her away from vodka martinis! :o)