Thursday, May 24, 2007

Horse Happenings ... and Remember to Fly Your Flag

Occasionally, writers run into "writer’s block" which is something akin to as "I can’t think of a single thing to write about and I would much rather be drinking a bottle of some cheap Cabernet Sauvignon than writing about horse racing." When something like this happens, the best thing to do is take off the reading glasses, close your eyes, and hope that the gifts of the Horse Racing Spirit flows through your veins and actually throws some insightful prose onto your paper or keyboard.


This is what the Horse Racing Spirit has channeled through me tonight [obviously, the Horse Racing Spirit is very lazy]:

1. Great friend, John of Not to the Swift Fame, is going on a much needed vacation to relax on the beach, drink unusual cocktails, and perhaps gain a couple of pounds. I’m sure that he will be on the lookout for either Todd Pletcher, Andy Beyer, or his best friend, Frank Stronach so that he will have something to blog about after his time off.

2. Great friend, Tote Board Brad, is giving up the lucrative career as an accountant to muck stalls in the NorCal fair circuit over the summer. He will covertly be sending 4.2 tons of mucking elements to the CHRB.

3. Superfecta is throwing her hat in as Horse Racing Czar, should someone ever decide to create such a much needed entity. She has vision! And because she is not Frank Stronach, she has my vote. But may I recommend that she promises dime superfectas for everyone who votes for her?

4. Good buddy and Genius, Alan, recently sent me an article that he knew would captivate me. Note that that there is nothing to do with the equine species in the article that he sent to me. Thus, I’m attempting to discern if Alan would think it beneficial to my career if I should write about plastination rather than horse racing. Or basically write about anything other than horse racing, which 99.0% of the time, I'm pretty sure I do anyway.

5. Patrick’s wife is in her 77th month of pregnancy and should be giving birth any second. He’s gonna be busy. Kiss off the horses ...

6. And speaking of kissing off horses, the Texas Legislature has done zilch with every single casino and slot bill. And many were drafted. Note to Representative Kino Flores [who authored most of the bills]: Save Ink, Save Trees, Save Time. Draft a bill that all parties (Thoroughbred Association, Quarterhorse Association, Greyhounds, GottaHaveSlots Group, Texas Hold 'Em Faction, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, etc.) can actually agree on and a bill may actually hit the floor for debate and perhaps even a (aghast) vote.

7. Danny over at Centennial Liquors who sold me about 12 bottles of wine. This evening I started to sample a glass or two. This would be my excuse for coherency and/or typos. And is the typo or type-O or Type-Oh.


8. Lone Star Park Gazillion Dollar Day is Monday, Memorial Day. Be sure to honor our bravest first and foremost. Then go to the track.

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Tote Board Brad said...

I haven't read how it's received in the rest of the country, but out here "America's Day at the Races" has really taken off. In the last few years Memorial Day has seen crowds around 10,000 at Bay Meadows. The racing dates are different now and Golden Gate has the lucrative date, but if properly promoted they should still be able to swing 7 or 8k, I'd hope.