Thursday, May 03, 2007

Experts Provide Kentucky Derby Selections

Left at the Gate is probably the best horse racing blog in the universe, although there’s always the chance that Dan Illman of the Daily Racing Form would challenge Alan to an arm wrestling match (as opposed to a duel because those have a tendency to be somewhat messy as well as dumb) to prove otherwise. Genius Alan has taken great lengths to provide insightful information for Saturday’s 133rd Kentucky Derby presented by Yum! Brands. Recently, an individual commented on his blog, "I like the blog. It has far and away the best content of any blog in the TBA."

When I read that comment, I snickered and thought to myself, Of course 'Left at the Gate' is the best blog ... hey, wait a minute ... Does that comment mean that perhaps there is little or no content in this blog? Can one speculate that I do not, in fact, provide any useful information to horse racing fans around the globe?

The fear that the answer was a resounding Yes! inspired me to rectify the situation quickly. And what better time to provide hard-hitting, fact-finding horse racing news than during the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

My first idea was to cut and paste and/or link to every word that Steve Haskin or Dick Downey wrote, but I was pretty sure that they would not be appreciative. Nor did I think that it would be very original. Next, I was inspired to obtain a Guest Blogger who would be hanging around Churchill Downs during the week – sipping morning coffees with Todd Pletcher or evening martinis with Mike Battaglia, however my list of potential sources dried up.

Finally, I decided that I would poll a group of individuals that would happily share their views and intellects. I feel that I have assembled the most eclectic group of horse racing fans and handicappers to provide to you their picks for the 133rd Kentucky Derby.

The (predictable) question that was posed to the panel: Who do you think will win the Kentucky Derby?

Gary West
(Sports Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
I've seen just about all the Derby horses, and Curlin is the most impressive. I believe he's simply better than these.

(Railbird at Lone Star Park)
Oh, I don’t know. I’ll take a good long look at the form and say a prayer and see what happens.

Randy Galloway
(Sports Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Radio talk show host, 103.3 FM ESPN. Owner, Wimp Free Racing Stables) horse going in and I see about a $9 win ticket on til your hands bleed....ed, and I like him and his family....

Lara Hughes
(Owner, Component Electronics. Expert horsewoman)
I think the fastest horse will win the derby! ;)

(My brother. Self-proclaimed expert handicapper who is still gloating about his $1 exacta at Santa Anita last December)
I'm putting my money on Floyd Landis.

Dave Barry
(Humor columnist. Okay – the guy does not accept emails therefore I had to spend seconds of intensive research to obtain important published information that would provide you, the reader, with that extra "edge" in selecting your Derby winner)
I began the process of educating my son, Rob, by showing him how to pick a horse to bet on. The key is to have a system. I use what is known as a "two-step" system, as follows (you might want to write this down):
1. I look at a list of the various horses.
2. I pick one.

(Horse racing blogger)
I love Street Sense and with Curlin down on the rail I love Street Sense even more. I will have Nobiz to complete the exactas. My long shot pick is Stormello.

(My neighbor)
The Derby is this weekend?!? Oh my gosh, when did it become May?? I need to get my lawnmower repaired!

(Co-worker, Scientist. Youth spent hanging around the backstretch at Ellis Park)
I don’t even know who’s even running in the Derby this year. I guess I’ll have to use the ol’ Standby Method: What color is the horse and how does he look in the post parade.

(Mom. Scientist. Horse racing blogger – apparently not a very informative one, either)
I’m going for the Asmussen Exacta: Curlin and Zanjero, a consistent guy who I’m hoping will get overlooked and inflate the exotics. I’m such a homer. By the way, I still have my Pool 1 Derby Future wager on Great Hunter tucked safely in my lingerie drawer.

As you can see, this poll is highly informative in assessing the potential winner of the Kentucky Derby. All this, without pace scenarios or published workouts. However, if you found this entry lacking, may I suggest Steve Haskin's Derby Report: Let the Mind Games Begin. Man, that guy can write a lot.

Now, fix yourself a Mint Julep and enjoy the Derby!


John Records said...

Street Sense will get the Breeders' Cup winner off the Derby duck. Nafzger is very adept at focusing on the big prize so discount the Blue Grass because it was a prep that served its purpose. Saturday's race will show Street Sense is a horse for a course.

alan said...

Y'know, I told my mom to stop leaving those comments! :-)

Tote Board Brad said...

Look, it's foolish to tout Left at the Gate as the best blog. We've moved past that. It's like when Micheal Jordon stopped winning the MVP. Everyone knew he was still the best player, but the award became something different so there could be some suspense.

Anyway, I believe inherant in the term blogger is a certain amateurishness. Alan shed his long ago.

John (AKA Not Too Swift) said...

Left at the Gate is by far the best blog in the TBA. I was always read Alan before anybody else. After this Derby I worry that he will steal my tag line, and make it his own, you know.

"Not much of a handicapper but a very good writer . . .

suebroux said...

Actually, Alan is in very good company when it comes to handicapping. I let my daughter, Sophie, select a couple of horses for the Derby. And using the prowess of an intelligent 3rd grader, she selected Any Given Saturday - easily an association with cartoons.