Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Excuse Me, Stormello, But I Think You're Sitting In My Seat

I've been crabby lately. Not that that is unusual for a perimenopausal woman with two small children and whose husband came home last week from work and informed me that I would be hosting a "small cocktail party" for a "few" of his employees and subsequently 67 people show up to this "small cocktail party" and since I am the hostess, I am the last one through the buffet line and there is only 4 green peppers, a handful of onions and something that might have been "beef" left in the fajitas and once I ingest my so-called fajitas I still have to address 16 valentines for my daughter's pre-school Valentine's Day party. No, crabby would not be unusual.

So my husband has determined that I need another Attitude Adjustment Weekend and is sending me off, once again, on the trail that was originally blazened by the likes of Ponce de Leon or Chi Chi Rodriguez or somebody like that, to the Fountain of Youth.

Gulfstream. Prime rib. Nobiz Like Shobiz. John and Pat, if by the grace of God they are still alive. Adore The Gold. Sun. Surf. Bellinis.

So, friends, in the morning I will slap a FedEx shipping label to my backside and head to South Florida.



Tote Board Brad said...

That's great Sue! You deserve a li'l R&R, and I can't wait to hear your impressions of the New Gulfstream. Since I had never been to the old one I didn't have a preconceived notion of what it should be, and quite frankly, LOVED IT. I know I'm in the minority, but it'll be good to see what you think. Stop by the silks bar and tell Tommy & Fernando hi for me.

John (AKA Not Too Swift) said...

I hope you see this before you leave. Have a great time on your short sojourn to South Florida and I look forward to your posts about your visit. Last year's post were some of the best I read all year, bar none !!

When I was there with Brad and David last month I was BOLD enough to order a Cosmo right in front of Brad. He kept his composure but I am certain his opinion of me diminished as soon as he saw that pale pink cocktail arrive at the table. I made sure it never left his field of vision so he could not escape it! Haha. . .Vodka Rules

alan said...

Sue - Next time the hubby hires you to entertain guests, please keep the Head Chef in mind. I'll just mark the Fed Ex label on her backside "bill to receiver." Have a great trip.