Thursday, November 01, 2012

2012 Breeders' Cup Selections

Once again, it's that time of year where we ignore demanding spouses, dirty laundry, and needy children all for horse racing glory. Yes, it's the Breeders' Cup World Championships! And no Breeders' Cup could ever be complete without Post Parade's Sixth Annual Magic Beer Bottle Breeders' Cup Selections.

This year, we honor our East Coast horse racing brethren/hurricane survivors. We're serving up Brooklyn Lager, a pleasant little brew. We love you NY, NJ, et. al.!! You're in our thoughts and prayers!

As you may or may not be familiar with our long-standing tradition, let me remind you of the rules: I handicap, the bottle spins. I've had my fair share of winners over the years, however the Magic Beer Bottle should never be discounted, notable wins being Stephanie's Kitten and Amazombie last year.

    2012 Breeders’ Cup Selections

    Magic Beer Bottle
    Juvenile Sprint
    Super Ninety Nine
    Worth Repeating
    Juvenile Fillies Turf
    Kitten's Point
    Waterway Run
    Juvenile Fillies
    Kauai Katie
    Filly & Mare Turf
    Marketing Mix
    Ladies Classic
    Awesome Feather
    Royal Delta
    Juvenile Turf
    Dry Summer
    Filly & Mare Sprint
    Groupie Doll
    Strike the Moon
    Dirt Mile
    Rail Trip
    Turf Sprint
    California Flag
    California Flag
    Speak Logistics
    Shareta (Ire)
    Little Mike
    Excelebration (Ire)
    Obviously (Ire)
    Game On Dude
    Pool Play

Admittedly, I'm somewhat uninspired with both the Marathon and the Sprint. There's a strong possibility that if I even elect to wager on those races, I may opt for some imaginative combination of various family birthdays tossed into a 50-cent trifecta box and hope for the best. Those assorted numbers include but are not limited to 1,2,5,8,9,10.

Have a great Breeders' Cup weekend! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you at LSP on Saturday (Friday Night Lights comes first) and celebrating the winners. I have missed your regular blogs but understand being a "taxi driver" for the most important parts of our lives.

suebroux said...

I went over to the track this morning to place my Friday BC wagers. And in a dazzling display of handicapping and/or bottle-spinning talent, two of our selections are scratched!

Super Ninety Nine is out of the Juvenile Sprint. So it's chalky Merit Man over modest-longshot Hazardous.

In the Marathon, The Magic Beer Bottle's selection Worth Repeating is out with an injury. Well, the bottle is in the recycle bin and we didn't bet that race anyway. Pick a good one for us!

And to Anon: Thanks for the kind words! I'm a band chaperone for tonight's game. Good news: It's warm! Better news: It doesn't require serving messy cheesy nachos in the concession stand!

Valerie Grash said...

After that Hightail pick, all hail the Bottle! :-)

Gene Kershner - EquiSpace said...

I did a little calculating (geek beancounter that I am) and $2 WPS across the board on all 15 Magic Beer Bottle Picks resulted in $165.20 in returns and $75.20 in profit.

My friend gave me money to play $2 WPS on the 4 horse all weekend returned $119.

Who needs handicapping?!

Great always.

suebroux said...

Thanks for counting beans, SpaceMan. But don't neglect that The Magic Beer Bottle had two scratched entries so there's $12 never wagered. Oh, and then just for the heck of it, let's just toss out rolling daily doubles; the Little Mike/Trinniberg Daily Double paid $771.60! Crunch that!

Meanwhile, the only thing I got on Saturday was the pitiful Groupie Doll/Dust and Diamonds exacta and steep bar tab!

I'm so giving up this handicapping nonsense! Long live the Bottle!

jeff said...

Steep bar tab???? Not at LSP. LOL.

Christine said...

Eheheh, now I feel sorry for non horsey spouses! We had something similar on the 6th of this month for 'The Race That Stops the Nation'. Thankfully my non horsey spouse put up with the race with me!