Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vote YES! to Dollar Day

Okay, my Lone Star Park brethren.  You have griped and whined and complained long enough about Lone Star Park carelessly discarding your favorite promotion:  Dollar Day.  Well, this is your chance to let your voice of discontent be heard and make it happen!  They are currently running a brief campaign over the weekend to hear your voice about the subject.  And if you are loud and persistent, you could mark June 16th as Dollar Day!

Vote on-line at Lone Star Park's facebook page and/or be sure to stuff the ballot box at the track.  Voting ends at 3 p.m. today.


applebys traveler said...

This is a rather pointless promotion, now isn't it. I doubt there's many people out there who would rather pay $7 for beer. Lone Star Park has stepped into the social media websphere five years late, and is practicing ridiculous questions. Come on, LSP, use social media to get collect real opinions such as "Should we try to get the Breeder's Cup back in 2015?" and let your "friends on Facebook" do a better job of interacting with one another.

Jeff said...

What's the point, if select beer means Lone Star then it is still overpriced at one dollar.

suebroux said...

Don't give up on the beer, Jeff! When it comes to Lone Star Beer, the first one may elicit Bitter Beer Face but by your tenth one, you won't know the difference. And besides, as one casual observer told me, "It's 90 degrees out there! It doesn't last that long!"

Be there June 16th!