Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tune In for the Florida Derby

Sunday is the the much ballyhooed prep for the Derby: The Florida Derby. As I pondered the significance of the race, it gave me pause for reflection - the Kentucky Derby has "My Old Kentucky Home", the Preakness has a rendering of "Maryland, My Maryland", and the Belmont has whatever song that includes the words New York. It is truly a tragedy that the Florida Derby does not enjoy its own noteworthy tune.

But fear not! I have taken it upon myself to pen a song, a rather modest rendition if I may say so, in recognition of the Florida Derby:

    All Hail Thee, Oh Gulfstream Park
    (sung to the tune of O Tannenbaum. Or any song by Nirvana)

    Oh, Gulfstream Park! Oh, Gulfstream Park!
    Home of the Florida Derby.
    Oh, Gulfstream Park! Oh, Gulfstream Park!
    Home of the Florida Derby.
    There was Barbaro and then Big Brown,
    Tho' Frank Stronach tore the grandstand down
    Oh, Gulfstream Park! Oh, Gulfstream Park!
    The next race will be at Churchill

Footnote: For tomorrow's race, this lyricist is selecting Dialed In and Soldat, while recklessly wheeling horses in double-digit odds underneath.


Geno said...

Awesome. I love a good theme song...especially one you can work Frank Stronach into!

The_Knight_Sky said...

It's truly a tragedy that the grandstand in the postcard is no more.

ljk said...

Watching on HRTV you'd think the new Gulfstream was a nice place to watch the races. In fact I got into a little argument once with a guy at the Horseshoe Inn. He was suggesting that the Breeder's Cup would return to Gulfstream some day. People don't understand what the new building is like unless they've been there.

If John Brunetti just had a little bit of vision...

Congrats on recklessly hitting the $339 exacta, yes?

suebroux said...

Tremendous weekend, indeed, that also included an opening season sweep of the Red Sox (Sorry, Big Bro)

And as of this writing, I'm officially incorporating "reckless wagering strategies" on all future races!