Monday, June 07, 2010

WinStar Whirlwind

It's hard to believe that a mere week ago, I was at Lone Star Park's Jockeys & Java program, listening as renown jockey Aaron Gryder regaled the hoard of free-breakfast-burrito-seeking-horse-racing-fans about his victory aboard Well Armed in the 2009 Dubai World Cup. Well Armed, of course, is owned by a couple of Texans, Bill Casner and Kenny Troutt, of WinStar Farm, which is located in a very nice place somewhere in Kentucky. Noteworthy, the WinStar Farm juggernaut also owns the 2010 Kentucky Derby winner, Super Saver.

Then a couple of days later, quite by chance, I ran into Bill Casner himself! Okay, it really wasn't "quite by chance" as he was autographing photos of this year's Kentucky Derby winner's circle, as demonstrated by the photo below that he personally signed for me:

Just in case you require a little assistance in deciphering his writing, it reads,
"To Sue of Post Parade, The greatest horse racing Blog on the Planet. Bill Casner."

And now, this last Saturday, WinStar Farm's Drosselmeyer won the 142nd Belmont Stakes, capturing the third jewel of the Triple Crown.

What a week! To think that I'm akin to Bill Casner and Well Armed and Super Saver and Drosselmeyer, in some free breakfast burrito sort of way.


John said...

Obviously Mr. Casner is an astute judge of horseflesh and blogs!!

SaratogaSpa said...

Nice!! I don't know Mr. Casner but he always seems full of class when interviewed.

suebroux said...

Bill Casner is an incredibly gracious and friendly individual. First off, he introduced himself as 'Bill' - as if a peon like me would be on a first name basis with someone like him! - and took the time to chat with each person in line. And of course, personalize the photos.

Yes, John, he sure knows his horseflesh but clearly he also has a great sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome Sue, thanks for sharing!

texang said...


What kind of racing you got going on at Lone Star at the moment? Maybe I'll come up from Houston and we could finally meet! :-)