Friday, March 05, 2010

Extra Recess Time Spent at the Racetrack

The other day, I received my little monthly flyer from Lone Star Park. I always enjoy taking a few moments of perusing through the leaflet, scouting for deals and freebies that are dappled amongst the upcoming simulcast stakes races. When it comes to free admission, free race programs, or even a free cup of coffee, I’m on board. I mean, who doesn’t like freebies? So when I noted a Spin the Wheel! promotion for a chance to win various prizes on Customer Appreciation Day, I became positively giddy!

Spin the wheel for your chance to win great prizes such as free wagers, free programs, food, and more!

What a deal!

I was slightly puzzled that the announcement didn’t indicate "free" food, the word “food” being rather vague. Maybe it would be free quesadillas? Or a free hot dog or hamburger? Or maybe just a voucher for a free meal at the Homestretch Grill? I glanced at the picture of the prize wheel on the flyer. It’s probably indicated on there, I thought. A closer inspection of the prize wheel was required.

Well, racing fans, here’s some freebies to get excited about. And I’m not making any of this up:

    Extra Recess Time

    Extra Story Time

    Home Work Pass

    Show and Tell

Additional prizes featured are Art Project, Extra Music Time, Movie Time, Special Snack (that’s the “food” part, obviously), and the highly sought after Prize Box Pick which undoubtedly holds the coveted “free wagers”.

Of course, there is an upside to spinning the prize wheel:
Each player who spins the wheel will automatically be entered to win Reserved Seats for two (2) people to see Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta compete in the $5 Million Apple Blossom Invitational at Oaklawn on Friday, April 9! Also included are overnight accomodations and $500 spending cash! *Complete rules at

That's better than Extra Recess Time.


Big Brother said...

I miss having recess...and cookies. Alas! My employer provides neither. :-(

I tried to elbow my way into Race Book at Mohegan Sun last month so I could use all that I've learned from you. Unfortunately, I didn't have 1.) a shoehorn 2.) lots of butter. There is a serious lack of off-track betting venues in southern New England. I still have my $12 from Lone Star.

Keith - TripleDeadHeat said...

Aw man, I sure miss recess as well.

As kids, here in Canada we'd play foot hockey at recess using a tennis ball. The goalie would take off his jacket to use in place of goalie pads.

Good luck getting those Apple Blossom tickets!!