Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coming Soon to a Casino Near You - The Kentucky Derby!

Last week, Churchill Downs Inc. and their new buddies, Aristocrat Technologies entered into a licensing agreement to create the world’s first Kentucky Derby slot machine because the Two Greatest Minutes in Sports isn’t long enough. And it’s only run once each year. And it’s in Kentucky, of all places!

So now the Kentucky Derby brand is considered “a new compelling entertainment product”, just in case you were finding the Kentucky Derby to be an old drudgery.

Of interest, the press release wove in some of the Derby's rich history,
Ever since Oliver Lewis rode Aristides to victory in the Kentucky Derby's first run in 1875, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs has been the most prestigious and thrilling horse racing event in the world, and now its excitement and tradition will be captured in Aristocrat's new Kentucky Derby™ RFX™ stepper slot game.

Frankly, I'm sure there are numerous slot players out there who find that historical tidbit fascinating and significant.

Slot Player 1: What's Aristides?
Slot Player 2: Cheap bourbon. Now quit bothering me, I need to concentrate.

The new Kentucky Derby™ slot machine is currently making its premiere at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. It is to be launched prior to the 136th Kentucky Derby in May 2010.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great news!!!! I don't watch real horse racing as I have to move around too much at the track. I am a middle aged obese chain smoking woman and I love sitting in front of slots all day! Ain't slots great>?