Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whine Tasting: Uninspired Complexity with a Hint of Animal-Barnyard Notes

I don’t know about everybody else, but when Saratoga wrapped up its meet last week I heaved a sigh of relief.

A teeming horde of prolific and talented writers descend upon Saratoga Springs each year, waxing eloquence about the atmosphere and ambience, champion horses and high profile stakes races – tossing in anecdotes about trainers and jockeys and Tom Durkin. Horse racing media, be it The Form or Paulick Report or the sundry of blogs on the world wide web, is inundated. I’m absorbed in the overflow of information and conclude that frankly, I have nothing to add except that if you rearrange the letters in “Rachel Alexandra”, you get “Adrenal Arch Axle”.

And of course, the climactic ending to the meet – Rachel Alexandra exuding greatness by defeating older males in the Woodward Stakes – could only produce a few minor insipid thoughts from me, barely worth sharing with a reading audience of two people, one of whom would be my brother, Chuck:

Woodward Wrap-Up: Filly Phenom Rachel Alexandra won the Woodward, however my deepest appreciation goes out to Sky Mesa, a very reliable sire routinely included in my handicapping scheme. Keying Mesa Sunrise in the 8th enabled me to win the Pick-3. Martinis for everyone!

However, there was an extremely urgent message I received the day before the Woodward, courtesy of a Kendall-Jackson Winery Email Blast: Orders are now being taken for their limited-edition Rachel Alexandra Wine, a “luscious 2007 Pinot Noir grown on our estate vineyards in the Arroyo Seco appellation.”
There are two special offerings:
• A single bottle signed by Jess Jackson and jockey Calvin Borel placed in a distinctive wood box.
$150 each.
• Wine only…perfect for gift-giving or saving for yourself.
$50 per bottle.

I purchased the wine only, with the emphasis on “saving for yourself.” It’s not like the Pick-3 required a visit to the IRS window.

Anyway, Saratoga ramblings have become silent for the most part, paving the way for those of us who are (a) completely mesmerized by others’ writings, (b) busy collaborating on a book, or (c) downright lazy, to share our news and views about horse racing. Perhaps I’ll take a field trip to Remington Park in Oklahoma City. Or Retama Park in San Antonio. Or maybe something closer to home, like watching Seabiscuit. Or maybe something a little less complicated, such as enjoying a glass of Wild Horse™ wine, notably the Cabernet Sauvignon, “distinctive for its bold, fruit-forward character.”



EquiSpace said...

Hey thanks for the link, Sue (I think ;)

dana said...

Busy collaborating on a book? Sounds promising, I hope the magic beer bottle also gets a chapter!

Superfecta said...

I'm meant to be collaborating on a book as well (yet here I am). I'd be curious to see what your wine bottle looks like when it arrives; we're bottling the second batch of Rachel Alexandra Ale this weekend. (I vetoed 'Rachel Ale-axandra,' you see).

suebroux said...

Spaceman, your sheer joy and excitement regarding the Saratoga meet was a delightful read!

And Dana, a very keen observation. I'm not exactly "book collaborator" material but ... stay tuned.

As for the Rachel Alexandra Wine, that'll give me something to write about. BTW, does one actually drink limited edition wine or does it just sit in the wine rack for years until some drunken doofus pops it open in a moment of desperation?

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

I have an empty bottle of Old Friends Ale sitting on my bookshelf. Sadly, I bought it empty.

I'm the type that thinks you should open the bottle and enjoy the contents, preferably while watching RA race.

michael said...

Sue I resemble a drunken doofus at times!! This you know!
Please drink it before I come over then I will not be at fault.

Big Brother said...

Hey! There are more than two readers of your blog, Sis.

I'm still trying to figure out horses besides what I have for horsepower on my lawnmower and snowblower. I do relate to wine, having just attended a wine festival at Virginia Beach. Lots of fine wines that go well with grits and biscuits.

Yvette Robertson said...

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