Monday, July 14, 2008

Industrious Duo Spend an Afternoon at the Track

While many of my horse racing brethren have been heralding the races at Belmont and Delaware this past weekend, I find that it is imperative to thunder recognition to Texas, as Saturday was Stars of Texas Day - a day filled with quality racing. Numerous stakes races. Tremendous fields. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people. I should also mention that it was Dollar Day.

The dollar was a popular commodity: parking, admission, programs, sodas, popcorn, hot dogs. Dollars, dollars everywhere! There were so many dollar bills at hand that jockeys and bartenders and mutuel clerks and Frank Stronach all showed up in G-strings in an effort to reel-in an extra buck or two. But the most notable dollar score was, of course, beer.

As I meandered amidst the throng, I encountered an enterprising duo, Jason and Cole, who, on each Dollar Day, create a $1 Beer Can Pyramid, made out of - surprise! - beer cans, as there are many many beer cans and they are very very accessible. Jake and Cole then take bids from the many many people who have contributed "elements" (read: empty beer cans) to its construction, to perform the actual demolition of the pyramid.

Me: So, Jake, are you telling me that some drunken doofus would hand over a lot of dollars just to knock down a bunch of beer cans?
Jason: Yeah. Last Dollar Day some dude paid us $100.

Who needs to gamble??

Jason, from Arlington, Texas, and Cole, of Irving, Texas, begin assembly of their retirement fund


Anonymous said...

Looks like you could use some help with those refreshing beverages! :)

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