Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Triple Crown Haiku

Over the past week, there has been at least 355,673 articles, columns, blogs, talk shows, and bathroom graffiti dedicated to the Triple Crown. Triple Crown Newsreels. Triple Crown Trophy. Triple Crown Training Patterns. Triple Crown Conversations. So, in an effort to pare down the verbiage, I offer up Triple Crown Haikus.

    I'll Have Another
    Belmont is the final jewel
    Yearning for the Crown

    A mile and a half
    Dullahan and Unions Rags
    Bright-eyed challengers

    A Crown within reach
    Yet forty-five days beckon
    Trainer Doug O'Neill

If you seek more original verse of the Triple Crown, be sure to visit Haiku for the Thoroughbred Racehorse by Barbsbitsnpieces of Napoleon, Ohio.  Or jump in and contribute your own Triple Crown Haiku prose.


Big Brother said...

I think Milkshake is a great name for a horse...or punk band.

appleby said...

This is a post
How nice it is
I cannot do haiku.

suebroux said...

Clearly you posted
With gin martini in hand
Using Blackberry